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Our Services

At Loper Financial, I've worked incredibly hard to ensure that our processes and workflow are focused on our clients.  People are our focus, and that means that rolling over your 401(K) or helping you decide how much life insurance to apply for is going to be our priority, regardless of the size of your account or policy.  We apply modern portfolio theory and a comprehensive strategy designed to both protect and grow your assets.  Our practice integrates the below services into the plans of our clients.  We partner with local attorneys, CPA's, and other service providers to ensure that your questions are always answered.  Helping you sleep well at night is a part of our job that we take seriously. 

Let us prove it to you.  

401(K) Rollovers

Rolling over your old 401(K) is an easy way to take control of your financial situation.  We'll walk you through the process to ensure maximum tax efficiency and will place your assets in the most appropriate funds for achieving your personal goals. 

Life Insurance

No financial plan is complete without addressing the risk of tragedy and loss.  We want you and your loved ones to know that if the worst case ever happens, they can focus on family, not finances.

529 Educational Savings

For many families, a 529 educational savings plan is a tax efficient way to set aside educationally directed assets for their children or grandchildren.  We can help you weigh the pros and cons of these plans and choose what's best for your situation.  

Estate and Tax Planning

For many investors, having a tax efficient plan is the single best way to ensure that retirement assets last a lifetime.  We'll share strategies and ideas around tax planning and let you chart the course. 

Retirement Planning

Retirement in the 21st century can mean anything from second careers, world travel, more time to enjoy family, or all of the above.  Whatever you want to do next, we'll plan with you and walk beside you, the whole way.  

Disability Income Protection

The vast majority of financial plans are dependent on one common factor: Earned Income.  But what if your income is impacted by an illness or injury?  We'll help you weigh your options and consider the benefits of putting an income replacement plan in place.  

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